Peshkopi only has a population of 14 thousand, however, it is the administrative center of Eastern Albania and located almost right on the border to the country of Macedonia, which itself is home to a sizable Albanian minority. Cross-border trade has been becoming more and more important for this region, and, due to the economic reforms that were recently installed by the Albanian government, it can be supposed that Peshkopi is a town with excellent future prospects.

As of now, this town, where you can find some gorgeous old buildings, and its region have to be seen as an exotic place for most Westerners. Nevertheless, they hold great potential to become a place with flourishing tourism in the near future.

Real estate prices are currently very low by Western-European standards, and, since Albania has now become a country with astonishing stability and the option to join the European Union at some point, investing in properties around Peshkopi has become more and more popular for Westerners. Many of them are interested in the sulphur baths available not far from Peshkopi, in the spa own of Llixhat, which are of great therapeutic value.

Dibër County, which Peshkopi is the capital of, is one of the most scenic regions of Albania. It is mostly mountainous and displays a kind of unspoilt beauty that has become very rare in today's Europe.

The seven glacial lakes of Luka are famous for their natural beauty. Often the landscape reminds visitors of the mountain ridges of Central Asia with their scarce vegetation and exotic flora and fauna. But Dibër County is right in heart of Europe, barely an hour away by aeroplane from the metropolises of Europe!

The name "Peshkopi", by the way, is derived from the word "bishop". The town's origins can be traced back to late antiquity. Its inhabitants are hospitable and warm-hearted and know how to cook delicious and spicy Balkans dishes that are in themselves a reason for dropping by.

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