The city of Salzburg is world-famous for several reasons - it is a less known fact that there is also an Austrian region of the same name, which is one of the traditional heartlands of the country.

Obviously, Salzburg's main attraction is - Salzburg - which is also its capital. Nevertheless, the city is far from being the region's only attraction. In Salzburg Land there is a population of 529 thousand - with just over one forth living in the capital. Most of the area is mountainous, and Salzburg boasts a high number of peaks higher than 3000 meters, belonging to the main range of the Alps. Geologically, salt plays an important role - and the German word for it is actually "Salz". Tourism is a key factor in the region's economy, and many visitors come indeed for skiing, as there are many top-notch ski resorts in the area, with Flachau being the most famous one.

It's a resort with some historic significance: In the 19th century, when the European bourgeoisie discovered the sport of skiing as a leisure-time activity, Flachau became their main focus point within the Austrian Alps.

Tourists of course don't only come for outdoor activities - in fact, just as many travel to Salzburg out of cultural interest. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in the capital - and he lived there until he moved to Vienna as a young man. Naturally, the people of Salzburg are quite proud that the greatest composer who has ever lived is one of theirs - and this has quite an effect on how people see Salzburg - but also on how it sees itself. Everything in Salzburg is about classical music, culture, and history; these elements are engrained into the people's identity. The annual Salzburg Festival (Salzburger Festspiele) is a world-renowned festival of music and theater.

Every summer it is held for an amazing five weeks. Within the world of classical-music connoisseurs, it is generally accepted that it is the supreme music festival in the world. Even outside the duration of the festival, the city breathes pure music: One factor that ensures this is the Mozarteum University of Salzburg. There is arguably no better place in the world to be trained as a musician.

Altogether, history is everywhere in Salzburg. That is not surprising in a city that was founded in AD 45 by the Romans as one of the major towns to rule the part of their Empire that was North of the Alps. Salzburg has a charming old town with a multitude of ancient buildings and monuments including its baroque cathedral - and many others.

Salzburg is located almost exactly on the border to the German state of Bavaria. In both countries, it is seen as a legend - and also as a cultural bridge. The people are warm and hospitable. For combining scenic natural beauty with a culture of unique depth, there is probably no better place in the world than Salzburg, Land and Town.

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