Vienna is the glorious capital of the Central European nation of Austria. Recently, what has been striking its visitors most, is at what speed and what dimensions the city has been arriving in the age of globalization. Thereby, a simple, but apparently effective formula has been used: Be as modern as possible, but do so in accordance with your heritage! It seems that this works quite well for the Viennese: The Austrian capital is now at the top of globalization - it meets the highest technological, ecological, and business-environment standards, but it reached this without betraying its historic roots - so all the new buildings were somehow integrated into the visual harmony of Vienna, which is mostly Baroque. (Schönbrunn Palace is the most well-known example of that period.)

Vienna is of course a very old city. It was founded in 500 BC as a Celtic settlement, later it became a Roman frontier town, and then it served as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire (i.e. the German Empire), then of Austria-Hungary, and now of democratic Austria. Obviously, all those periods are still of prominent visibility within Vienna, but nevertheless it is mostly seen as a Baroque town regarding its architectural atmosphere. And now the most modern buildings somehow manage to integrate themselves into that spirit without compromising their modernity.

Vienna has 1.6 million inhabitants, and the number is growing rapidly. When the Iran Curtain fell in 1989, this ushered in a period of tremendous economic opportunities for both Austria and its capital. Due to its location right on the border between Western Europe and the former East, Vienna saw unprecedented growth. It is now one of Europe's major boom towns. It also boasts a real-estate sector that is healthy and vibrant. Investing one's money into this place of stability and excellent future prospects, does, especially at the present, seem rather clever.

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