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Sarajevo - Bosnia and Hercegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a former Yugoslav republic, which became an independent country in 1992 - and its population is around four million. Sarajevo, the capital, is a dazzling regional business center and has a population of 300 thousand.

After the country declared its independence, the Bosnian war began, with Serbia being considered the aggressor by most observers. In Europe there had been no real armed conflict since World War II - and Europeans has forgotten that war was possible on their own continent. The Bosnian War with its estimated 200 thousand casualties changed all that. The capital Sarajevo was under siege for four years - that is the longest period of a siege in modern history. Bosnia's infrastructure suffered some major destruction.

In 1996, the war had ended. It is almost unbelievable what Bosnia and Herzegovina has managed in rebuilding and healing since then. The country is now a stable economy and a working democracy - though one with some anomalies. The High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who gets appointed by the international community, holds the real power in accordance to the Dayton peace treaty of 1995. There are also international troops (mostly NATO) in the country to further guarantee the peace. In fact, Bosnia is still a divided country. There are Muslim and Serb parts, which are really quite separated from each other, although now they seem to be getting along. (There also is a Croat minority, but it is more integrated than the other two.)

The miracle of Bosnia and Herzegovina is that the peace really appears to be working. A country where so much destruction occurred had to be rebuilt - and this process is still ongoing. And in today's environment this is going really well - so the country has become a hot spot for investment and real estate development. Economically, is is doing quite well, too. Lately, the GDP and per capita income have increased around ten per cent every year. A lot of market liberalization has been achieved - for example, the Bosnian communications market was completely set free in January 2006. Lonely Planet recently published a ranking of world cities regarding quality of life - and Sarajevo made position 43 - among all the cities of the world.

Here's another astonishing fact: The World Tourism Organization estimates that between 1995 and 2020 Bosnia will be the country with the highest growth in tourism - in the whole world. Indeed, there are many reasons to visit this ancient country - or even to live there. It is almost entirely mountainous, and this means an abundance of options for hiking, climbing and skiing. Indeed, there are some very good ski resorts close to the capital and all around the country. And Bosnia even has access to the Mediterranean Sea - though its coastline is only 26 kilometers long...

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Property type: land

Added on: 2010/08/12

Plot of land for sale in Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

4095 SQM lot on main road beside International Airport in Sarajevo, with paid utility fees (taxes) for 680 SQM object.
Parcel prepared for construction on commercial building (business premises).
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Category: commercial
Type: land (for sale)
Price: € 450 000
Size: 4095 m²
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Property type: commercial

Added on: 2010/08/12

Commercial Real Estate for sale or rent in Banja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina

An exclusive commercial real estate (sales-service building) 1.494,2 SQM:
- Office building with showroom, 891 SQM
- Workshop, 603,2 SQM
Building is constructed in 2007 upon highest standards on lot size 4.600 SQM.
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Category: commercial
Type: commercial (for rent or sale)
Price: € 3 250 000
Size: 1494 m²
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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