Russe is located on the Bulgarian side of the Danube River, in fact right by it, facing Romania. There is a bridge connecting the two cities, called the Russe-Giurgiu Friendship Bridge, which has a length of 2.8 kilometers. The population of Russe is 175 thousand while that of Giurgiu, the Romanian town on the other side of the river, is 69 thousand. In a way, the two cities form one international one, especially now that both countries are members of the European Union. These days people can cross from one side two the other very quickly and unbureaucratically - and this fact gives both cities a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. The bridge is the only one that connects the two countries - at other places people have to use ferries.

Russe is a old city with a long and winding history, and there are monuments from many periods still to be seen. Especially noteworthy, however, are the lots of Rococo and Baroque buildings that grace Russe. There is a multitude of churches of many different denominations in Russe, but nevertheless the communist-built Pantheon of National Revival Heroes might be the most spectacular monument, especially at the moment with soc realism being so trendy throughout the world. This Pantheon is an ossurary, but, despite being made by the communists, it now has a cross on its dome, reflecting the strong role Christianity plays in today's Bulgaria.

Russe has benefited greatly from the recent Bulgarian economic upswing. The city combines international trade with a strong service sector, and also tourism is a growing factor for the city and its surroundings. The beautiful blue Danube would be enough of a reason for anyone to go to Russe. There, Europe's largest river is almost at its widest. In Russe, there is a university, a renowned philharmonic orchestra, and the Russe State Opera.The city's cultural life is rich - and also there is a lot of independent culture. All of this is on the one hand international and modern, even global, on the other hand it does not neglect that typical Slavonic element of the Bulgarian soul.

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Russe, Bulgaria

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Added on: 2009/07/24

Renovated 2 bedroom house near Pleven - Russe, Bulgaria

This fantastic property is situated 30 kms from the city of Pleven, 25 kms from the town of Levski, only 6 kms to the small town of Slavyanovo and 1 km from the main road, Sofia to Ruse. [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: house (for sale)
Price: € 19 500
Size: 120 m²
Location: Russe, Bulgaria

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