Karlovac has a population of about 50 thousand, and it is about 20 kilometers away from the Slovenian border - which makes it a town on the edge of the European Union. Trade and industry have always been important for Karlovac - for example the famous Karlovačko beer brand is brewed in this town. It is the administrative capital of Karlovac County, which is one of the largest in Croatia. The distance to Zagreb is 56 kilometers.

Karlovac has an interesting history. Unlike most European cities, it did not grow naturally from village into town, but it was founded from scratch in 1579 as a fortress against the Turkish invaders.

Therefor, it has a unique shape: Due to the structure of the fortress and its outer walls, Karlovac still today looks like a six-pointed star - which mostly has Renaissance buildings inside. Around this star shape, there are many parks. This has led to its nickname being "City of Gardens". Also, there are no less than four rivers that flow into each other within the town. The Dubovac Castle gives you the possibility of nice panoramic views of Karlovac.

In the early 90's, Karlovac saw dramatic times: It was shelled by rebel Serbs and suffered some destruction (all of this has been rebuilt by now). Later, it became luckier.

Now it is doing quite well economically, which is also helped by being located so close to the EU. Tourism as well is a growing commercial factor in this hilly area. Its cultural life is another plus Karlovac has to offer. There is a municipal theater in town, but as well there is something that almost sounds to good to be true: The annual ten-day beer festival „Karlovački Dani Piva" attracts many visitors each time - quite understandably...

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