Susak is a small island not far from Croatia's Adriatic coast - its area is roughly four square kilometers, with a population of less than 200 people - and all of them live in one small village. This idyllic settlement - it entirely consists of the traditional houses the Croatian border is famous for - is divided into two parts: One is atop a hill, and the other one is in the valley right underneath. Hills are to be found in the whole island.

On Susak, the use of motor vehicles is prohibited. Together with the old buildings and the fact that most of the island is uninhabited, this creates the experience of a time machine for everybody coming from a big city. So it is no wonder that Susak enjoys great popularity with tourists.

There are really several kinds of travellers that make it to Susak: Some of them indeed seek a place that still has the same appearance as it did for many centuries, that's the history buffs. Others come for the peace and quiet that Susak has to offer - and the third category consists of people interested in aquatic sports - and, oh, yes, there is one more group, and that's actually the people who look for all of these factors - for them Susak is simply perfect.

In a way it is fortunate that Susak was for so long a part of communist Yugoslavia - hence the island was neglected and almost forgotten, and the result is that the hotel blocks that one would expect at such a place are simply not there.

Susak's nature has basically remained untouched - for centuries!

However, development has begun. But the islanders have the very strong priority of keeping their island green despite the new investments. So it is crucial for them to maintain everything ecological and in harmony with nature. Cars will not be allowed on the island any time soon - that much is for sure. It is too important to keep the peaceful silence alive!

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