Zagreb, the capital of Croatia has - as metropolitan area - a population of 1.2 million people. This means that more than one quarter of all the inhabitants of Croatia live in or around their capital. The role that Zagreb has for that nation cannot be over-estimated. Clearly, the capital is also Croatia's mega-center. Traditionally, there has been a lot of industry in Zagreb (especially chemical, pharmaceutical, clothes, food), and after the fall of communism, when Croatia finally gained its freedom and national independence, the manufacturing sector made its transition into the world of capitalism surprisingly smoothly.

Now the service sector is also of prime importance for the metropolitan area.

But tourism plays a vital role as well, and the elegant beauty of Zagreb with its many monuments from a variety of periods is not the only thing that attracts them: Zagreb also happens to be blessed with landscapes that seem perfect for sport tourists: The Sava river flows though the city, and the Medvednica Mountain is located within the area of Zagreb (more than a thousand meters high) gives you breathtaking views of the city panorama, but it is also a skiing resort with several lifts. This is something, not every European capital has to offer. In light of this, it may surprise you that Zagreb's climate is classified as humid subtropical. Nevertheless, the Alps are nearby.

Besides its economic significance, Zagreb is Croatia's undisputed cultural center, and there are many reasons for this. Of course, it is an old city with a multitude of vintage buildings, like the 13th-century Church of St. Mark, or the also medieval Lotrščak Tower (same century). But Zagreb does not only live in the past. In fact, recently the city has been undergoing a renaissance of a magnitude that does not occur all that often around the world. In the early 90's Zagreb "discovered" how close it really is to the West - and this development was mutual. There was giving and receiving, and this led to Zagreb's cultural scene becoming one of the most vibrant ones in Europe.

The fact that the Croatian capital has a long and proud academic tradition - its university was founded as early as 1669 - was certainly quite a helpful factor.

The city's large student community is a vital part of what makes Zagreb - and the impact this has on its cultural life has been highly beneficial. So Zagreb is hip and modern without having lost its soul and its very specific atmosphere. By the way, the fact that in its center the building of skyscrapers was long forbidden adds to the elegant and posh feeling that Zagreb exudes. Culture-lovers of any kind will find something in Zagre.

Its Museum of Contemporary Art, for example, is famous, and so are the Music Biennale, an international festival of avant-garde music and Zagrebfest - a celebration of pop music.

Real estate listings - properties for rent and sale in:

Zagreb, Croatia

Property type: land

Added on: 2011/08/14

Business Zone in Zagreb County - Zagreb, Croatia

44 ha commercial building plot in Zagreb County. [ read more » ]

Category: commercial
Type: land (for rent or sale)
Price: € 7 500 000
Size: 440000 m²
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Property type: land

Added on: 2010/10/11

Construction land for sale - Zagreb, Croatia

Construction land, 13.000m2. All utilities, 100m from the main road (Karlovacka cesta).  [ read more » ]

Category: commercial
Type: land (for sale)
Price: € 3 250 000
Size: 13000 m²
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Property type: land

Added on: 2010/04/06

Land for commercial purposes for sale - Zagreb, Croatia

The land plot is situated in Lanište-neighbourhood in the Novi Zagreb - Zapad (West). It is located along the Jadranska Avenue, south of the Sava River, across from the neighbourhood of Jarun.
The plot flanks the main city communication running east-west. Its main thoroughfares are Jadranska Avenue, Lanište Road and Remetineèka Road. The site is also parallel to the main highway leading to the Croatian coast. Access by private transport is excellent. [ read more » ]

Category: commercial
Type: land (for sale)
Price: € 14 000 000
Size: 27000 m²
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Property type: land

Added on: 2010/03/09

Commercial and residential block - Investment - Zagreb, Croatia

The land plot is situated in the central area of the City of Zagreb. Thanks to the more recent buildings in the area, this particular location has already become part of a growing central area of the city. The plot flanks the main city communication. Vukovarska Avenue – running east – west.
Apart from being located in the centre of the city, the plot is also very well connected with the mail city communications. In this central section , the above – mentioned street has been articulated by corporate buildings and is one of the most beautiful streets in Zagreb. [ read more » ]

Category: commercial
Type: land (for sale)
Price: N/A
Size: 26000 m²
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Property type: apartment

Added on: 2009/09/12

Zelengaj, 3 bedroom apartment 93 sq.m - Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Zelengaj - three-room apartment 93sq.m. on exclusive district of Zelengaj. House is close to the green area and exclusive part of town with presidential palace, near the city center of Zagreb. [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: apartment (for sale)
Price: € 240 000
Size: 93 m²
Location: Zagreb, Croatia

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