Larnaca is one of Cyprus's main seaside resorts (population: 46 thousand). It has an abundance of lovely beaches - altogether more than 25 kilometers! Unfortunately, the world is getting more and more polluted - not so Larnaca. Recently it won several Blue Flag rewards for environmental cleanliness. This ecological authenticity makes visiting Larnaca one of the finest experiences the Mediterranean has to offer. What goes for the whole of Cyprus can especially be said of this international touristic hot spot: The country's EU membership (since 2004) and the Euro (since 2008) have given it a strong boost regarding the number of visitors and its real estate sector as a whole.

People who visit Greece or Cyprus often demand more than gorgeous beaches, beautiful landscapes, and a sea warm enough to be pleasant - quite frequently they also come in search of culture and history. In this department, Larnaca will not disappoint them. It has several historic sites belonging to the highest category of significance. In Larnaca, there are the ruins of Ancient Kitium, which go back to the 13th century B.C. Then there are the legendary five temples, forming a unique complex. Christian history is also big in Larnaca: The Church of Ayios Lazaros, located in the old town, was built in the 9th century, and it is still in perfect condition. Then there are also several ancient Islamic places of worship. All in all, in Larnaca there is more history than fits into one summer vacation...

Larnaca Salt Lake is in reality more than one lake: Rather it is an intricate network formed by no less than four salt lakes, some of them inter-connected. This is simply a paradise for tourists. But also zoologists find it fascinating due to its high number of bird species - and this includes large flocks of pink flamingos.

Culture in Larnaca does not have to mean old buildings - the municipality runs both a theatre and an art gallery. Luckily for international visitors, many of the plays are performed in English - which reflects the fact that in Cyprus most people are bilingual anyway, speaking their native tongue - which may be Greek or Turkish - and English too. Larnaca Municipal Band consists of more than 60 professional musicians.

The band defines it mission as including several aspects: For once, the preservation of the region's cultural heritage in folk music is paramount to them. Then they like to explore avant-garde styles. But then, they are also there to simply entertain - in any way possible.

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