Limassol is Cyprus's second-biggest city, and of prime importance for the country in multiple respects. First of all, it is a seaside resort of international renown. But then, it is also a business hub, and this means production, a big service service sector, and import and export, being a port city too - in fact it is the Mediterranean's biggest transit port. Limassol is located on the South coast of the island, far away from the Turkish North and the divided capital of the country. At the time when Nicosia become a front town, Limassol turned into something like the country's "secret capital", as some people now like to call it. It is certainly one of those rare combinations of a town that is completely business and at the same time totally tourism.

This definitely gives executives the chance to also enjoy life whenever they feel like it.No wonder that the city is very popular with the expat community. The fact that knowledge of English within the population is virtually complete, is very helpful as well.

Its history has been long. It started of course as an ancient Greek settlement, and in the Middle Ages it became an important base for the crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. Richard the Lionheart, the legendary English king, was there, and he even crowned his queen, Berengaria of England, at Limassol. Of all the monuments in and around the city, its gigantic medieval castle probably is the most spectacular one. Today it houses an archaeological museum.

Of course, tourism is a big issue in Limassol, and the city is well-prepared for it: It has several four-star hotels, but then also an abundance of accommodations for budget travellers. Nevertheless, Limassol only became a seaside resort in 1974, after the closing-off of Famagusta. In the decades since then, there has been an extraordinary building effort within the city, being among the biggest ones in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is still ongoing, and in fact it is expected to intensify within the coming years.

Limassol is famous for its Carnival - which recently has resembled that of Rio de Janeiro more and more, only that it takes no less than ten whole days.

It is now a very appealing mixture of traditional Greek heritage and the global world partying culture, as brought to Limassol by tourists and foreign bu sines residents. The Wine Festival of Cyprus in itself would be another reason to pay a visit to the city. It is held every September, and it is certainly worth quoting its motto: 'Drink wine, it gives you life!' So true!

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Limassol, Cyprus

Property type: villa

Added on: 2009/11/10

Six bedroom detached Villa for sale - Limassol, Cyprus

Six bedroom villa on three levels. Set in a tranquil location with magnificent views overlooking Palodia village. The covered area is 628m² and is on a plot size of 1,030m². This villa is a home ready to move. Many extras include alarm system, telecom system, satelite dish, jet spa in s/pool, cinema room, two modern fireplaces fishtanks installed in walls double electric garage. The landscaped gardens offer comfortable seating areas with built in bar/stools and BBQ area. The garden has it's own irrigation system.  [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: villa (for sale)
Price: € 1 680 000
Size: 1030 m²
Location: Limassol, Cyprus

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