Paphos is a seaside resort with a long and rich history, which today is still so visible that in 1980 the UNESCO added the complete town to its World Cultural Heritage List - this highly unusual step conveys some idea of the cultural significance that Paphos has. It is also one of the most important places of Greek mythology: In ancient times it was believed that Aphrodite (in Latin: Venus), the goddess of love, beauty (and sex!) was born in Paphos. In fact, when you visit you will find many signs of antiquity. The Tombs of the Kings located just two kilometers North-West of Paphos are still in a very good shape of preservation. This large subterranean complex was built in the fourth century BC, and still pleases its visitors with the perfect beauty of its Doric columns and frescoed walls.

In Paphos, there are many more historic monuments of great value, the most spectacular of which may well be Paphos Castle, built into the water of the harbour by the Byzantines in the early Middle Ages. Paphos has buildings and ruins from a wide variety of periods, and in order to get some orientation in this open-air history lesson, visitors are well-advised to visit the city's District Archaeological Museum.

Paphos has a population of 47 thousand, but despite this relatively small size it is the most important coastal town in South-Western Cyprus and also the capital of Paphos District. Just ten kilometers away from the city center, there is Paphos International Airport, which serves destinations in many countries. Tourism is one of the main legs of Paphos's economy.

Even those not interested in history need not be bored: Paphos is now a modern resort offering an abundance of not-history-related recreational sites as well. Its fishing harbour, for example, is very popular with the visitors. When Cyprus joined the EU in 2004, the country had to reorganize its real estate market for foreigners wanting to buy properties on the island. This has had a very positive effect on the development of new residences in the Paphos area. The city has always been a highly international place, but now it is so more than ever. The real-estate market was extended prudently, and it is now seen as having many opportunities for sound investment.

Paphos does not only have significance as a Greek mythological site - the Bible mentions it too. In the Acts of the Apostles it is described how Barnabas and Paul came to Paphos and successfully converted it to Christianity. Now the city simultaneously is a deeply religious and also an ultra-modern place, where tourists find a multitude of churches, but also everything a modern traveller might need.

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