Athens, the capital of Greece, is one of the oldest cities in the world: It is about 3,400 years old. This fact makes it to one of the most amazing places on this planet for people who take an interest in history. All of those centuries, although its history has been turbulent, Athens has been the Greek city of that name - and this is an unbelievable level of continuity. So in Athens you can expect such a high number of monuments from four different millennia that this lively and modern city can at the same time be called a living museum of giant proportions.

The most famous antique landmark of Athens is of course the Acropolis, a hill in the very city center, which is awash with ancient buildings.

The most famous and iconic one is clearly the Pantheon, an ancient temple erected in the fifth century BC to worship the goddess Athena, who, by the way, the city is named after. Athens has many ancient monuments, but what increases the fascination that Athens has for everyone who visits it, is the appealing mixture of styles that Athens stands for: There are also Roman remains as well as Byzantine and Turkish ones.Then in the 19th century, when Athens became the capital of the modern state of Greece, which had just gained independence from the Turks after a long and bloody struggle, a new construction boom set in: The young state needed representative buildings, and mostly they were made to resemble the style of the ancient city.
Especially the nation's parliament, completed in 1843 in neo-classical architecture, is of stunning beauty.

The population of Athens is over 700 thousand, but the metropolitan area really has more than three million people living in it. The location can be described a idyllic: Athens touches on the sea and is surrounded by mountains - together with the city's Mediterranean climate this produces an extraordinary atmosphere. Obviously, in Athens there is everything that one would expect to find in a major European capital, no matter if one relates to culture, business or sport, but maybe even more.

After all we are talking about the Greek capital, and the people of that nation know like no others how to enjoy life. Athens may be a place of the past - but certainly it also completely at home in the present era. This too is quite an appealing mixture! Or how would you like to watch modern plays on an original antique stage, beautifully set on the slope of the Acropolis? In Athens you can!

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Athens, Greece

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Commercial Property for sale - Athens, Greece

Commercial Building for Sale, located on Syggrou Avenue at the area of Kallithea. The building consists of two shops, three floors and a terrace. Size 480 sq.m., building plot size 260 sq.m. Price 1.35 million euros. [ read more » ]

Category: commercial  
Type: commercial (for sale)
Price: € 1 350 000
Size: 480 m²
Location: Athens, Greece

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