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Attica is a region in Greece with a population of 3.8 million and an area of almost 4,000 square meters. It contains mid-blowing metropolis of Athens, the Greek capital.

In the antiquity, when Greece, as one could say, was the intellectual center of the world, Attica was its heart and major part. Therefor, until today, Attica is awash with historic monuments, not just with the ones in the city of Athens, but with many others as well, like for example Sounion, with its famous Temple of Poseidon, overlooking the sea from a hill - which is quite suitable, considering that Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea.

The biggest share of the population (2.8 million) is formed by the inhabitants of Athens, and the rest of Attica has a rather low population density.

This fact makes Attica an attractive combination of one urban mega-center with mostly rural landscapes surrounding it. Piraeus, whose population is 175 thousand, is Attica's second-biggest city. Attica also includes several islands (e g Antikythera) which are of great touristic importance. Attica has a long coastline and its territory is mostly mountainous. This mixture, together with its historic significance, makes it perfect for tourism of all kinds.

Naturally, Athens is the economic engine of the region. But in any case, Attica is well-prepared for its economic future. Lately it has been observed that agriculture and tourism, the region's traditional foundations, are more and more being complemented by "new economy" business like high tech and, especially, IT.

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Attica, Greece

Property type: villa

Added on: 2009/08/13

Dreamly Villa for Sale in Eastern Attica - Attica, Greece

540 square metres • 8.000 square metres area Great view to Aegean Sea • 25 km from International Airport Athens • 10 km from harbor and marina

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Category: residential  
Type: villa (for sale)
Price: € 7 000 000
Size: 540 m²
Location: Attica, Greece

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