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Halkidiki - Central Macdeonia

It is important to note that Central Macedonia belongs to the country of Greece - and not to Macedonia, which has been an independent nation since the early nineties. This name issue has been a source of confusion for many - and even even has led to verbal aggression between the two countries. However, this dispute now seems more or less resolved.

Central Macedonia is what the Greeks call a periphery, which is an important administrative unit for them - and can be seen as the equivalent of what other nations call a province.

The influential and wealthy city of Thessaloniki is the periphery's capital. With a population of about two million, Central Macedonia is an important part of Greece. Its area is around 18 thousand square kilometers big, which makes it roughly half as big as Switzerland.

Central Macedonia is one of those places where tourists and business travellers both go in comparable numbers. The region has some healthy industry, and its service sector has been growing quickly for some decades, but especially since the turn of the millennium. With beautiful landscapes (mostly mountainous), a rich multitude of ancient monuments, and a rugged and picturesque coastline.

Central Macedonia is a natural hot spot for tourists or immigrants from countries with a less friendly climate. The region has a vibrant real estate market.

The famous Mount Athos is not technically a part of this administrative unit, but rather a self-governing entity within Greece. Geographically, however, it belongs to Central Macedonia. This ancient Orthodox monastery is one of Greece's most fascinating - and spiritual - places. The monks who live there are very faithful to their age-old traditions; for some people they go slightly too far: Women are not allowed on their mystic peninsula - not even as day visitors.

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Central Macedonia, Greece

Property type: villa

Added on: 2010/10/03

Two storey block for sale in Halkidiki - Central Macedonia, Greece

Block for sale in Paralia Dionisiou, Halkidiki - 200m from the beach. 1st floor has one apartment and five studios. 2nd floor has three apartments. One more studio is located on the last floor. Total area 460m2. [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: villa (for sale)
Price: € 470 000
Size: 460 m²
Location: Central Macedonia, Greece

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