Lamia, with its population of around 60 thousand, is the capital of the prefecture of Phthiotis, located in Central Greece, yet not far from the sea, due to what some people call a "Greek fjord" coming very close to it. Lamia is surrounded by idyllic hills, and in shape it is compact - so that creates a great view, that valley with its high-density houses and the hills around it. There are many reasons for liking Lamia: One is that it is simply beautiful. Being the trade center of a mostly agricultural region, it is of high economic importance. Since its surrounding countryside is so very beautiful, it is very attractive for visitors and tourists or for people who simply like to live under the Southern sun.

Like many places in Greece, Lamia too has an ancient history. One witness of this is the "Kastro" - the city's fortified acropolis, overlooking Lamia - from there you get the most wonderful panoramic views, and the city's archaeological museum is also located up there. Lamia's Orthodox cathedral, built in Baroque style, is of great beauty as well. Certainly, the past is always present in Greece, no matter where you go. But that doesn't mean that that Mediterranean nation isn't fit for the future. Lamia, for example, is all about high tech. The recently founded University of Central Greece (year of establishment: 2003) has its main campus in Lamia. The university mainly teaches computer technology, and Lamia is more and more turning into a computerville.

The city of Delphi with its magnificent ancient ruins is not far from Lamia - this fact is very important for its tourism industry. Anyway, there is so much that visitors can do in the region. Hiking, aquatic sports, history tours - whatever your interest is, in Phthiotis you will find it!

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