Pylos - Peloponnese

Peloponnese is a peninsula belonging to the country of Greece. When you look at the Greek map, Peloponnese is pretty much what you see first: that big bulk at the bottom of the Greek mainland: That's Peloponnese - with an area of more than 20 thousand square kilometers, so roughly half Switzerland's size.

Its geography is remarkable, thereby perfect for tourism: The coastline is deeply indented; in fact, this peninsula has many of its own little peninsulas. Not only the coast is rugged, its vertical shape looks the same: Peloponnese is highly mountainous, with Mount Taygetus (2,410 meters above the sea) being its highest peak.

So you'll find the two things which, especially in combination, can make any vacation wonderful: the sea plus mountains! Of course, on Peloponnese visitors can virtually perform any aquatic or alpine sport ever invented by man!

Obviously, as one would expect from a location in Greece, Peloponnese is full of archaeological sites and historic monuments, with Corinth, that legendary ancient city-state, being the most notable one. Besides being a historic place of major importance, Corinth now too is an economic hub. With its suburbs, it has a population of over 100 thousand, and being a sea port, it is an important center for import and export.

Recently, its service sector has also been growing exponentially.

The people of Peloponnese are used to the fact that the world likes them to share their peninsula with it. Tourists and permanent visitors who decided never to leave are a constant component of Peloponnese. The population welcomes them warmly and with true hospitality.

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