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Hungary is one of the most important nations in Central Europe. This land-locked country has a prime location within the continent, bordering countries as diverse as Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Roumania, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. This makes Hungary a natural hub for Central and Eastern Europe. With a population of ten million it belongs to the mid-sized European countries. Its area is slightly bigger than that of Portugal.

Hungary was one of Europe's most prominent motors of liberation from communism. In the 70's and 80's Hungarians enjoyed a greater political and economic freedom than most countries of the Eastern bloc.

Then Hungary dismantled its border fence to Austria - and this would later lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall in the same year (1989). So, liberty had arrived! What followed was Hungary's transformation into a world-class market economy. Thereby the country turned into one of the most essential engines for economic development in East and West. The transition was done smartly: Corporate taxes are low, and this led to a huge amount of domestic and especially foreign investment. Inflation could be kept at a low level, and the country apparently found just the right balance between privatization of state-owned industries and keeping them. These smart policies were in 2004 rewarded with the nation's accession to the European Union which in turn further boosted and internationalized its economy, which is now especially big in the service sector, including IT.
Being so close to the "West" as part of the "East" (these expressions have in fact lost their meaning), Hungary is also the perfect target for international real-estate investors and financiers. This has led to a building sector that meets the highest international standards.

Hungary is a country of many sides. It has beautiful, extremely varied landscapes (from mountains over big lakes to the puszta) and a cultural scene and history of great wealth. In the ninth century the Hungarians came from Central Asia to Europe as invaders - and they stayed, establishing their own country as an important pillar of European civilization. Therefor Hungary is (together with Finland in the North) the only "Non-European" nation that managed to become a part of Europe.

Until today, Hungary has never stopped to be exotic, although it is located in the very heart of Europe. The music, the spicy cuisine - and also the language of Hungary are completely unique within Europe, but then, and this is somehow paradoxical, Hungary is on the other hand completely European, a Christian nation, a country of art and science, and now a stable and successful democracy.

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Property type: house

Added on: 2010/12/11

Beautiful house for sale in Fonyod - Lake Balaton, Hungary

Wonderful house in very good conditions in the center of Fonyod, that is one of the most beauiful town in the Lake Balaton with excellent infrastractures and a gorgeous view that looks to Badacsony, the mountain where the city is positioned and where you can enjoy the grape fields, charatheristic of the zone. The city has a good night life and it's one of the most active and visited thanks to the many tipycal restaurants and has one of the best beaches in the Lake Balaton area. [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: house (for sale)
Price: € 99 000
Size: 120 m²
Location: Lake Balaton, Hungary
Property type: house

Added on: 2009/08/28

Cottage - Hungary - Drava River - Hungary

Border Ungaro / Croatian Few km from the border with Croatia, 372 km from 'Italy. Terratetto Independent house in good condition. + Large plot of land - 2500 square meters. well maintained and level with a well. Highway. Home of 90 + 80 + - + 20 annexes. As follows: Entrance Living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom (to do). Beautiful and characteristic portico. STABLES IN A MORNING VIEW Ideal for house hunting. The area is in the heart in the green game reserves Hungarians. 300 Mt from the River Drava. Ideal for those who own horses. [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: house (for sale)
Price: € 21 500
Size: 190 m²
Location: Hungary

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