Basilicata is a region in Italy's very South. For anyone interested in what Italy used to look like centuries ago, this is the place to go. There could hardly be another region in Italy that has preserved so much of its original culture. One reason that this could be done is Basilicata's low population density: It is 59 people per square kilometer - compare that with the 200 which is the national average. The loneliness of its little towns and villages forms a perfect connection with its climate patterns: The weather is basically hot and dry, virtually all year long, and in the rolling hills of Basilicata agriculture is the main activity, as it has been for literally millennia of years.

It is very important to note that despite the region's backwardness, its inhabitants are surprisingly open and tolerant. In fact, they are very aware of the fact that foreign investors are overwhelmingly beneficial to their economy.

So these old-fashioned and traditional people - at the same time they welcome you to do business with them or, if that suits you, to live among them. Basilicata's real estate sector is actually quite powerful and healthy, but clearly underrated.

Potenza is the region's capital. Although it is more than 2000 years old, it just has a population of 70 thousand. Most of these people live in old buildings, many of which are many centuries old. This gives the town an amazing atmosphere. Its location is far from the coast in the mountains - this makes it even more scenic. In fact, this is one of Italy's highest cities!

Basilicata has a population of less than 600 thousand. That is not very much - so it has been suggested that the region has more Roman monuments than people! Well, this is certainly an exaggeration - but a slight bit of truth is probably in it...

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