In Italy there is a proverb that says: See Naples and die...! This is not meant to express that Naples will kill you - but that it is so beautiful that when you have seen it, there cannot possibly come anything else in the world that is comparable, and so you can now die peacefully.

Naples is the capital of the Italian region of Campania, with has a population of almost six million, and it is located in the South of Italy, on its Western coast. It is one of Italy's most important parts with respect to culture. Naples, which was founded in 600 BC, was at the beginning bigger and more powerful than Rome. From its long history, it has a rich multitude of ancient monuments, in and around its large old town.

Of course, Naples (population: over one million) has always been a center of the arts and poetry - but also it has given the world one of its favourite foods: Pizza! This should not be under-estimated...

In the Gulf of Naples, there is also the legendary island of Capri. Its is widely seen of one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean. Of course, tourism is a major factor not only on Capri - but virtually in the whole region of Campania - this is due to its extraordinary mix of culture and nature. Regarding the latter, the region is truly blessed: It is mostly mountainous or at least hilly, with many cliffs overlooking the sea and long white sandy beaches - and all of this in a very benign kind of Mediterranean climate. Tourism is not the only pillar Campania's economy rests on; the agro-food sector is also of great importance.

Italian cuisine is famous throughout the world, and many of the typically Italian ingredients that made that popularity possible come from Campania, and there they are being grown and produced still, and like nowhere else in the world. Mozzarella is one of the specialties that gourmets have to thank Campania for.

The people of the region have an utterly relaxed attitude to life. "Live and let live" - that's their motto. They welcome tourists with warm hospitality - and also those that like to make Campania their home. The region has a well developed real-estate market, which meets the highest international standards.

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Campania, Italy

Property type: villa

Added on: 2010/02/03

Villa Sorrento - Villa for rent on Sorrento Coast - Campania, Italy

The Villa offers up to two bedrooms to its guests, ideal accommodation for a family or a group of friends. Accommodation also includes a big living room, a full equipped kitchen, two bathrooms 150 sqm of terraces and 200 sqm of gardens both on the Soth and North side. The terraces of the villa give an extraordinary view of Naples Golf, Sorrento Coast, CApri and Ischia. The garden has been created by using a typical Mediterranean flora and fauna. The closest beach is just below from the villa, and can be reached with 2 min walk.
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Category: holiday accommodation
Type: villa (for rent)
Price: € 100
Size: 100 m²
Location: Campania, Italy

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