In Lazio you are never far from Rome - the Eternal City is located right in the center of this Italian region, which is of unique importance for the history of the world. Lazio - this means "land of the Latin people" - and it is here that the Latin language came into existence. Then Rome was founded, and from there Europe and the world were for ever changed. Lazio and Rome, that is at the very center of Italian and European civilization - and this history is still very much alive everywhere in the region.

Lazio has 5.6 million inhabitants and is about two thirds the size of Sicily. Rome, which is not only the Italian capital, but also that of Lazio, is home to approximately half of the region's population. It is the only capital city in the world that within its borders hosts an an extraterritorial and independent nation: The Vatican, the center of the Catholic Church.

Needless to say, Rome, despite not belonging to the biggest cities of the world, is in its very top league, due to its cultural significance. Not many other cities are even comparable to it - possibly Athens, or Jerusalem could be seen as its natural equals. The people of Rome are very aware that their city in a way belongs to the whole world, and the world is its constant guest - this makes Rome one of the most international cities. Its real estate sector is therefor tuned to the highest global standards, and this is not only so in Rome, but throughout Lazio.

Rome is the engine of the economy of Lazio - and because of its highly administrative character, the services sector is by far the biggest factor in the region.

Industry is also significant, but all of it is concentrated in the area South of Rome - this is lucky, given the natural beauty of Lazio's landscapes - they are mostly hilly (but also mountainous), and strongly formed by agriculture. Wine and olives are the typical crops of the region. Lazio is blessed with a long coastline, so fishing is another major economic field.

Even if Rome had never been built, then Lazio would probably still be famous and a prime tourist destination - that's due to its extraordinary combination of the sea, its mountains and picturesque valleys with a climate which is characterized by hot temperatures that at the same time appear surprisingly and pleasantly mild.

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