Veneto is named after Venice, its capital. This iconic city belongs to the most famous ones of the whole world. As it is widely known, it was built on a lagoon - and instead of streets there are canals between its city blocks, and instead of cars people have to use boats and gondolas for getting around. Venice is clearly one of the world's most unique cities - and also people call it one of its most romantic ones. Its is one of the top international tourist attractions. So it is obvious that the whole of Veneto, economically, culturally, and politically, is completely focused on and revolving around its legendary capital. But in actual fact, this region has a lot more to offer.

The population of Veneto is almost five million, and its size is similar to that of Sicily. Topographically, it is highly diverse; all kinds of landscapes are to be found: In the North, there are the Alps, then there are hills and plains, and of course the coastline with its long sandy beaches and mysterious looking marshes. The climate strongly varies as well: The North with its mountains is a lot colder than the Mediterranean coastal region. Traditionally, Veneto was an agricultural region - but Venice became one of the mothers of Europe's industrialization, inventing a variety of techniques that were influential for the whole continent, especially in the field of glass handicraft and chemistry. After the second World War, these traditions were used as a basis for giving Veneto more industrial power. These efforts showed quite a good level of success - and today the economy of the region is healthy and diverse, lately especially expanding its service sector.

The second-biggest city (after Venice) is Verona. It is somewhat tragic for it to be so out-shined by the capital, but in fact Verona too is a city of great importance and historic significance. Its has a large old town, and unlike Venice it pleases its visitors with Roman monuments. Verona has always been a trade center, and in the age of globalization it seems to be reviving its past glory.

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Veneto, Italy

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Added on: 2011/07/09

Luxury villa palladian style for sale - Veneto, Italy

The palladian styled, Villa Moro Malipiero, now owned by the Rigoni Savioli noble family, was commissioned by Nicolò Malipiero in 1557. On the front there are four Ionic order semi-columns. On the ground floor there is a splendid cap vaulted cellar. The ball room, which once occupied both floors of the central part of the house, was divided after the French Revolution leaving the top half intact, while the bottom was divided into 5 portions. The property sits on 20,000 sq m of land with a garden, three orchards, a thermal water well, a Colombara tower, and various barns. Another architectural jewel is the still consecrated chapel. Many of the rooms contain frescoes by Gian Battista Zelotti, student of Veronese. The paladin floors are original Venetian with a single cast.  [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: villa (for sale)
Price: € 9 000 000
Size: 6500 m²
Location: Veneto, Italy

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