Moldova is a land-locked country located between Ukraine and Romania. Although it is a former Soviet Republic, it is ethnically very similar to Romania. In fact, Moldovan and Romanian can be considered to be one language. This cultural proximity to Romania has proven to be very beneficial for Moldova, especially recently, with Romania, as a member of the European Union, has been performing so extraordinarily well in economic terms. At some point Moldova too is expected to join the EU, though a definite date for this is no way near in sight yet.

The population of Moldova is about four million, and its area is very similar in size to that of Belgium (33,846 km2).

But with less than half of that country's population, Moldova has a far lower population density. Between Moldova and Ukraine, there is a small break-away republic, called Transnistria, which the international community considers part of Moldova, although in reality it governs itself. It has been said that Transnistria is the only only place left on Earth where the old Soviet Union has survived. However, this statement only seems to be true aesthetically - indeed Transistors still has that typical Soviet look and symbolism and iconography, but politically it is really miles apart from the tyrannical Soviet system.

If all goes well, the future for Moldova looks rather good. This country has a high potential, especially if indeed it will grow even closer to Europe.

This beautiful and fertile place has in fact the lowest real estate prices in Europe. Buying land in Moldova may be a very clever investment.

Moldova's greatest plus is really its natural beauty. What further increases this is the fact that Moldova is one of Europe's most traditional and significant wine-growing regions. Especially Eastern Europeans know that Moldovan wines can easily compete with those from Italy, France, Spain, or California. And all those vineyards in Moldova, spread across the whole country, are certainly a big plus for its amazing and mysterious beauty.

Moldova, like many Eastern European countries, has a distinctively multicultural character.

Besides Moldovans, there are large Russian and Ukrainian minorities. Further, there are many Jews and Armenians living in the country. All of their national cultures - and cuisines - form an unforgettable whole impression.

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We do not sell dreams, and offer you a place where your dreams will come true! [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: villa (for sale)
Price: € 290 000
Size: 280 m²
Location: Moldova
Property type: commercial

Added on: 2011/03/21

Farm + Warehouse for sale in Nisporeni - Moldova

Farm + Warehouse, 2450 m2, 3.6 hectares for the construction of 15 ga.sel DHW, house (120 sq ft in the area), water and gas to 500m, 380kW.  [ read more » ]

Category: commercial
Type: commercial (for sale)
Price: $ 500 000
Size: 2500 m²
Location: Moldova
Property type: hotel

Added on: 2010/08/12

Hotel-restaurant complex for sale - Moldova

Hotel-restaurant complex cottage holiday "Moncastro", located on the international highway of national purpose (Chisinau - Soroca 32.6 km), is a well-maintained fenced plot in a pine forest, an area of 0.35 hectares with a complex of new buildings and structures. The area is enclosed by a fence, faced with natural stone. The facility is located near the central highway of Moldova, one of the main transport arteries of the republic, passing from north to south, near village Peresechina.
All buildings are designed in the same style and at a high artistic level. The area is surrounded by ancient shade Moldavian forests - Kodry. This hotel complex has a high investment appeal. With effective management of the facility and qualitative service, this complex will bring stable high income.
Within a radius of 15 km from these buildings there is no something similar. [ read more » ]

Category: commercial
Type: hotel (for sale)
Price: € 1 300 000
Size: 3500 m²
Location: Moldova

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