If there has ever been a country whose importance in international style, fashion, and culture exceeds its size about a million times, then this can only be Monaco! The Principality of Monaco is indeed a tiny country with huge significance: Its area is less than two square kilometers big - that is just over two per cent of Manhattan's size! And Monaco is only inhabited by 32 thousand people - nevertheless, it is an independent monarchy - although culturally it belongs to France, which it shares the language with. That nation also represents Monaco at international conferences.

Monaco occupies one of the most beautiful spots in the world - on France's Cote d'Azur, sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea and the country of France, located not far from where Italy begins, Monaco is surrounded by scenic mountains and situated not far from the French world city of Nice.

Monaco was founded long before the birth of Christ, and it is indeed a place with a lot of history, which is still visible through many of its grandiose buildings. They come from many different ages, but especially the 19th century and the modern and post-modern periods form the character of the Monaco of today. What they all have in common is their splendour. This grandiosity is still going on: Today Monaco is the playground (casinos, yachting, fashion, etc.) of the international High Society. And there is no other place on earth that has the same concentration of aristocrats, stars, and members of the global business elite. To have a residence in Monaco - nothing can be more impressive than this.

Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco is the ruler of Monaco - and the son of the legendary American actress Grace Kelly, who was famous for her beauty and her classiness, but also she was a symbol for the meeting of royalty and show business that nowhere in the world has been performed as authentically as in Monaco.

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