Bijelo Polje

Bijelo Polje is a small Montenegrin town (population: 15 thousand) in the Northern part of the country, not far from the Serbian border. It lies in a region with a lot of forests, and it is surrounded by mountains and hills.The main road from Belgrade to the Adriatic Sea and the railway in the same direction too both go through Bijelo Polje. It is a town with no small amount of history: The most eloquent witnesses of this are the Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries as well as the mosques (built by the Turks) in and around Bijelo Polje.

In the time when the federal state of Communist Yugoslavia with its planned economy and its centralized administration was in existence, most Western and domestic travellers were routed to Croatia, mostly to the Dalmatian coast. But now capitalism has come to the region, and Montenegro has turned into an independent country - now it wants its own share of foreign tourism; and it is well prepared for this. Bijelo Polje is already a hot spot for whitewater rafting and kayaking, and its significance is only expected to grow in the years ahead. At some point it might then get dubbed Europe's Whitewater Sport Capital, who knows! It certainly has the potential, with its wild rivers and its natural beauty.

In Bijelo Polje you will discover a deep-rooted Slavonic culture, with all its joy, melancholy, and heaviness. Montenegro and Bijelo Polje are only just beginning to be discovered by Westerners. Fortunately, this can now easily be done without bureaucratic hurdles. So the future and a lot of optimism have finally come to Bijelo Polje, and this is a town with a huge potential. In the region you will find find all the amenities that belong to Western life, but the prices are still a lot lower than in Western Europe.

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