Cetinje Priory

Cetinje is something most people wouldn't expect ever to find: A capital the size of a village. Well, technically, it is only Montenegro's "secondary" capital, but it is in Cetinje, where the president's residence is located, even though Podgorica, the "real" capital, is about 20 kilometers away.

Cetinje was chosen as Montenegro's other capital because of its past significance, and historically, it was the country's real capital - and during the time, when Montenegro was a kingdom, this is where its king resided. From its time as capital, Centinje still has many former embassies and consulates, which now are used as schools and administrative buildings.

But actually, the town is much older than the time, when it was the nation's capital. In 1482, Centinje was founded, and it has monuments from several periods. For example, there is the Centinje Monastery, which was built in the early 18th century - which now is one of the town's major attractions. But there is more of them in Centinje: The Đurđe Crnojević Central National Library, the National Museum of Montenegro, the Archives of Montenegro, the Republic Institute for Preserving Cultural Heritage and the Zetski Dom Montenegrin Royal National Theatre - they all are located in Centinje. So you could say that this is indeed a very special "village"! Its atmosphere is certainly amazing.
That is the reason, why tourists from all around the world are becoming more and more interested in Centinje. In this, it is certainly helpful that the city is surrounded by limestone mountains - this makes for quite a picturesque setting.

There is a lot of potential for further development in Centinje. Real estate is also a growing factor, and foreign investment plays an increasing role. Filip Vujanović - that is the name of the Montenegrin president, who is very popular with his people. And in village-size Centinje, where everybody knows everybody, people say that he is a very friendly and polite neighbour...

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