Mojkovac is a little town in the Bjelasica Mountains in North-Western Montenegro, its population is only about 4000 - though the municipality has more than twice that many people. In Mojkovac you can discover a whole new world, right in the heart of Europe, but nevertheless exotic in many ways. Maybe that is why Montenegro is becoming trendier and trendier, either for bored Western Europeans who want to start a new life or for those who only look for a vacation home. Both of them are served well by the welcoming people of the young and dynamic country of Montenegro.

In Mojkovac you have a charming little mountain town with a fantastic environment.

The wild nature surrounding it invites you to a variety of sports - most notably white water rafting. But even those who are less athletic can find pure and untouched nature of the kind that, unfortunately, has become rare in most of Europe. Montenegro only gained its independence in 2006, so it can truly be considered a late starter. But now it is up and running. Maybe that is the essential part of its fascination: that discovering that ancient region is so new for many in the West. This is combined with a cultural heritage still alive today that dazzles its visitors with the depths of the Montenegrin soul, and everything that it produces, like music, dance, and poetry - not to mention its delicious regional mountain cuisine.
In Mojkovac, there is the Renaissance Monastery of Saint George, which opens its doors to visitors, thereby showing an amazing way into the heart of Montenegrin spirituality.

But Montenegro has clearly arrived in modernism - and in capitalism as well. Mojkovac is becoming more and more important as a regional trade and service center. Luckily, its transport situation is highly favourable: There is a direct train line to Belgrade, the Serbian capital, and the main road from the Adriatic Sea and Podgorica goes through Mojkovac and then continues into Serbia.

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