Amadora belongs to the huge Lisbon metropolitan area, but it is an independent city with almost 200 thousand inhabitants. Nevertheless, it was only founded in 1979 (previously it had belonged to Oeiras, which is in fact a much smaller town. When Amadora started to outgrow its parent city in the late seventies, it was decided to turn it into a municipality of its own).

Lisbon is the ancient capital with Amadora, the completely modern city of today, right next to it. So obviously, Amadora has options and potential that Lisbon lacks. One big plus that it has are its broad avenues and in general a lot of open space. Where Lisbon cannot grow any more - or cannot be changed due to respect towards historical buildings - there Amadora has a lot more flexibility and prowess.

This potential is now really being put to use - at last, one might add. Amadora is currently undergoing a complete transformation - and the impact on its real estate market is going to be enormous. It cannot be denied that for quite some time Amadora was associated with social problems. This had to do with the fact that it is mostly inhabited by people from ethnic minorities. Experts are strongly divided on how this turn-around was achieved, but apparently, it has been amazingly successful. Of course, the process of transforming Amadora into a state-of-the-art modern-day middle-class town with high global appeal is still ongoing. The real estate sector, which has seen such tremendous changes in recent years, is going to face further significant rearranging. Prices in Amadora are still relatively low - so it might well be argued that the time to invest is right now.

Although technically a different town, Oeiras still forms a strong geographic unit with Amadora. In Oeiras there are several business parks of great renown, most notably the Lagoas Park, the Miraflores Premium and the Neo Park. The Taguspark, which is a multinational science and technology zone, has great importance for the Portuguese economy as a whole.

Being a very young city, Amadora does have a lot of culture to offer nevertheless. Perhaps it is fitting that what it is most famous for is not related to traditional art but to a relatively new form of it: The annual Amadora International Comics Festival is popular with comic book connoisseurs around the world.

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