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One of Europe's most mystical legends is the one about the island city of Atlantis. While this has never been found, we do know how to locate another place that is just as wonderful: The Azores, Europe's most remote outpost, set in the Mid-Atlantic, halfway between North America and the European continent. While this archipelago (island group) is indeed far away from everything, it does belong to the country of Portugal, and despite being a most exotic place, it has all the security and reliability that people associate with the European Union.

The Azores have the same geographic latitude as Lisbon, and in fact a similar climate, though they are of course much windier - hence the people of the islands only rarely have to complain about unbearable heat.

The archipelago has nine major islands as well as some very small ones, and altogether they occupy an area of 2.3 thousand square kilometers, inhabited by 343 thousand people.

Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Azores, is set on São Miguel Island. In a way it is a typical Portuguese small town, with all the charm and fado spirit that the country is famous for - but then again, there is something in the atmosphere which is hard to describe, but it certainly has to do with the wildness of the sea, the wind and the waves, that definitely lets you feel that you are not in Europe. The islanders are proud Portuguese citizens, but then again, first of all they are Azoreans, and they still have that certain pirate blood in them that has been so important for them throughout history for mere self-preservation.

The islands are well equipped for tourism: Each of the nine major islands boasts its own airport and there are numerous resorts and spas. Wherever you go, the sea and its smell are never too far away, and the mostly mountainous terrain forms great scenic views together with the Azores' world famous white sandy beaches. Seafood is everywhere, as one would expect, but the local cuisine holds some quite amazing surprises. The landscape often differs from expectations too: On the Azores there is still a lot of virtually untouched nature waiting to be discovered.

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Azores, Portugal

Property type: land

Added on: 2010/12/16

Land with old house in Graciosa Island - Azores, Portugal

Plot of land (with 14520sqm) with a old house in ruins in Graciosa Island. The land can be used for agriculture/farming or for resold as parcels. The house has potential not only for a country house but also for a rural tourism project.
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Category: commercial
Type: land (for sale)
Price: € 135 000
Size: 14520 m²
Location: Azores, Portugal

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