Costa Verde

At some point in their ancient history the Portuguese, together with the Spanish, had the wonderfully poetic idea to name their different coastlines after colours, always choosing the one that best expresses the character and the soul of the place - and Costa Verde, meaning "Green Coast", is among the most fitting ones they ever thought of.

Costa Verde is in the very North of Portugal, and it includes the unofficial capital of Portuguese culture and football - the terrific Porto. The Green Coast is of outstanding natural beauty - and it is definitely one of Europe's most paradisaical places. One way to enjoy it is to simply take the A1 motorway from Lisbon and to drive North.

Once you reach Costa Verde, you will see such a gorgeous combination of mountains and beaches with the sea behind them (which here is not green, but very deeply blue...), and everywhere lush, strikingly green trees, like you may never have before.

Espinho is a major-league seaside resort that's also a very historic little town, but then there is another reason for a visit: It's also a prime casino location, with high-class gambling of all kinds. It may certainly be a lot smaller than Las Vegas, but it has something that American casino capital completely lacks: Authenticity! In Espinho, you might, if you're lucky, have a very strange winning streak - so many people have had it before, so some of them have started to wonder if it had anything to do with the extraordinarily fresh sea breeze...

One might expect Costa Verde to be a completely touristic region, but in fact its economy is highly diversified. Especially around Braga, there is a lot of industry, some of it heavy. That could be the perfect place for you, if you like to combine the art of living beautifully and in style with some serious things like work or making money... The expat community in and around Braga is already big and growing - and they are always glad to welcome a new face!

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