Lisbon Coast

Lisbon Coast

It surprises many people, when they first find out just how much unspoiled nature there is in and around Lisbon. What's called the Lisbon Coast is a strip of land extending for approximately one hundred kilometers along the Portuguese Western coast, with the nation's capital roughly being in the middle. The area is mostly hilly and boasts a very high number of beaches, both North and South of Lisbon. The Coast is not only divided by the Lisbon metropolitan area, but also by the river Tagus, which becomes amazingly wide, just before it reaches the city, thereby forming a huge natural water reservoir in the immediate vicinity of Lisbon. Here one can marvel at Europe's longest bridge: The Vasco da Gama Bridge is over 17 kilometers long and was opened in 1998 right in time for the Expo 1998.

In and around Lisbon there is always a lot to do and to discover - Lisbon is a wonderful combination of sea and sweet water, framed by lovely scenic hills.

But not far from the capital, it is quite easy to find places that are hardly populated. Now, in our relatively young age of globalization, this has created a real estate market that especially caters to Lisbon's increasingly international business community. By Western European standards, the prices are still relatively favourable for buyers. A purchase in the area is seen as a prime investment at this point.

Sines is a coastal town in the Southern half of the Lisbon Coast. It has a castle on a cliff (built: in the 14th century) and several other noteworthy medieval buildings, but only recently did it develop overwhelming economic importance, when its deep-sea port was opened, which turned it into a rapidly expanding industrial and business hot spot.

What's best about it is that it combines its economic prowess with stunning natural beauty, being part of the St. Vincent and Southwest Alentejo Coast Natural Park, which ensures it to have the most excellent future prospects.

What marks the Northern border of the Lisbon Coast region is the the little albeit ancient town of Peniche, which has one of the country's biggest fishing harbours. It is also very lucky in having the perfect wind conditions for surfing, windsurfing, and kite surfing as well. Due to its geographic position, the waves roaring onto its beaches are bigger than almost anywhere else in Europe. Hawaiian style surfing in of of Europe's oldest country's - that is one of the things Peniche is beloved for.

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