The Romanian capital has almost two million inhabitants, and the most important piece of information about it can only be the fact that recently it has been doing extremely well economically. Like the whole country and especially so, due to the free-market reforms Bucharest has turned into an economic power house and a business hot spot. While preserving its distinctive Romanian charm and atmosphere, it is becoming more and more similar to the Western European trade metropolises.

In another way Bucharest can call itself lucky: It does have some ancient buildings from several historic periods, including some medieval parts as well as 19th-century boulevards and rationalist architecture from the inter-war period.

But it might be the only city in Europe with mostly communist architecture that has an amazing, dazzling feeling to it nevertheless. This could be so because of the specific traits of the Romanian national character and its Latin side. So those typical communist blocks and high-rise buildings, which look so drab in many other cities - in Bucharest there is something playful and flashy about them that has a very special effect and makes them, somehow, lovable. In fact, many international business people and travelers that have been to Bucharest report that they are addicted to that city - to its unique atmosphere that comes from its people and its buildings.

Certainly, Bucharest is never boring. It is a vibrant city with a fascinating cultural life. Of course, it has everything that you would expect from a big European capital, like theaters, the Romanian National Opera for example, concert halls, festivals and a multitude of spectacular museums of different sorts. But there is more to the story. Culture in Bucharest always comes with that particular Latin feeling, and maybe that is also the reason why there are so many off-beat, non-official cultural events and student performances.

Bucharest most famous building is a multi-function complex which amongst others houses the nation's parliament.
It is Europe's biggest building and the world's second. Built in a style that combines modernism with traditional features, this gigantic building is simply breath-taking and would in itself be a good enough reason for a trip to the Romanian capital.

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Bucharest, Romania

Property type: house

Added on: 2009/06/10

Bucharest North Garden - Houses for sale - Bucharest, Romania

Exclusive development of 9 detached villas on 6200 sqms of prime land
Double garages, high-end finishes, intelligent management system
Each house comes with a large garden of 500-650 sqms
English pub for fun and entertainment activities
Big communal garden with kids playing area
Mortgages available for non-residents
Pub for fun and entertainment activities
Area: Caciulati, North Bucharest
Mortgage: available, 30% deposit, 70% LTV
Completion: June 2010
Advised exit strategy: mid-term, minimum 3 years (motorway completion by 2012)
Currency: Lei RON
Payment plan: 30% (reservation), 70% (completion)
Price: From 190,000 Eur excluding VAT [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: house (for sale)
Price: € 190 000
Size: 250 m²
Location: Bucharest, Romania

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