Mamaia is not really a town or a city - it is a tourist resort on the Romanian Black Sea coast - and the biggest one in that country. Its topographical facts are remarkable: While it is eight kilometers long, it is only 300 meters wide - and on both sides of this strip, there is water - but, to be exact, two different kinds: On the one side there is the seawater of the Black Sea and on the other side there is the freshwater of Lake Siutghiol. This setting makes Mamaia unique in the world. Travellers have the option of choosing the kind of water they want or the sport that is suitable for that particular kind - and then the place to go will never be further away than about a hundred meters, no matter what they choose.

It is obvious that this privileged location makes Mamaia very popular with tourists of all kinds.

Mamaia, whose climate is continental mixed with Mediterranean, is mostly inhabited during the summer season, which is a very long one: It lasts from May until early October. In Mamaia, hotels of all qualities can be found and, besides the water, there is an abundance of entertainment and things to do. Now that Romania is doing so well economically as a member of the European Union, Mamaia's prospects are very favourable too. There is still huge potential for further development, so investment is ongoing and growing.

In the immediate vicinity of Mamaia, there is the city of ConstanĊ£a, whose population is 124 thousand. This is the regional administrative and commercial capital. It also has a rich history - it started out as a Roman settlement. There are some ruins from that time left, including a Roman bath. Other city monuments include the Genoese Lighthouse from 1860 or the Carol I Mosque from 1910. ConstanĊ£a is also an important cultural center. The fact that Mamaia is such a close neighbour is of huge importance for both sides. The tourists are a significant factor for the commercial development of the city and region, and they themselves appreciate the fact that a fascinating and vibrant city with a stimulating nightlife is so close.

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Mamaia, Romania

Property type: land

Added on: 2011/01/09

Plot of land for sale in Constanta - Mamaia, Romania

Real2-Baumax - in the comercial area of Constanta, at 100m of B-dul Aurel Vlaicu, with a surface of 9700mp, built with double opening 21m from the variant Constanta-Ovidiu and 200m the design road. [ read more » ]

Category: commercial
Type: land (for sale)
Price: € 1 552 000
Size: 9700 m²
Location: Mamaia, Romania

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