Novi Sad

Novi Sad

Novi Sad has a population of 300 thousand - and it is the capital of the Vojvodina and Serbia's second biggest city. It was founded in 1694 - and by the 19th century, it had become the spiritual and cultural capital of the Serbian nation. That's what earned it the nickname the "Serbian Athens" - understandably this fact makes the citizens of Novi Sad proud until today. These days, they have some additional reason for pride: Novi Sad is the city with, on average, the highest monthly salary in the country - that's because it is doing so well economically. After all, Novi Sad managed a smooth transition into the future without losing the past - which means:

The old, traditional industries - of which there were plenty in Novi Sad until the fall of communism - are now, in the age of globalization, still surviving, despite the fact that the service sector has become big in Novi Sad (namely IT and finance), thereby turning into the city's major economic force. It has been suggested that Novi Sad is doing so well because of its solid intellectual past - that may well be so.

Culture is still huge in Novi Sad. The EXIT Music Festival, which offers a well-balanced mixture of different musical styles - is world-renowned. In 2007, it won the first prize in the UK Festival Awards competition as Europe's best festival!

The University of Novi Sad with its approximately 38,000 students calls Novi Sad its home - this fact has certainly been helpful for the city's cultural life. Anyway, there is so much to see in Novi Sad! The Museum of Vojvodina, for example, constantly attracts a lot of visitors. The city, whose architecture in the center mostly stems from the 19th century, can, without exaggeration, well be called extremely beautiful. Furthermore, the fabulous blue Danube goes right though it.

This open-minded and tolerant city with its pleasant intellectual and multi-cultural atmosphere is a natural destination for tourists visiting Serbia.

The mild continental climate and the attractive-looking surrounding landscapes strengthen this effect. All in all, this is a city worthy of more than just a quick passing-through.

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Novi Sad, Serbia

Property type: commercial

Added on: 2011/03/25

Commercial Property for sale - Novi Sad, Serbia

Excellent real estate opportunity!.Commercial Property which was formerly used for Production of Plastic Injection moulding parts. Industrial/Commercial property in place called Zmajevo, which is 2 km far from Motor Highway E75 Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotica - "Pan-European Corridor No.10" (18 km north from Novi Sad). The property is in such a prominent location close to the E75 motorway. The land and buildings are situated just outside the National Park - river "Jegricka" boundary and provides an excellent opportunity for transport and distribution facilities. Vary rare to find such sites, ideal for links to European Union from Pan-European Corridor 10. [ read more » ]

Category: commercial
Type: commercial (for sale)
Price: € 2 000 000
Size: 110000 m²
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Property type: house

Added on: 2010/11/21

Vacation house for sale - Novi Sad, Serbia

Vacation house on river Tisa near Backo gradiste. [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: house (for sale)
Price: € 95 000
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

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