Subotica is a city in the very North of Serbia, only ten kilometers away from Hungary, and with a population of 100 thousand.

Its privileged location means that Subotica lies directly on the border with the European Union, without being part of it. Thereby it combines the best of two worlds: From Subotica trade with the EU goes on in great proportions, but not being within the EU's territory means that the economy of Subotica enjoys a great freedom and lack of limiting regulations - so effectively it has become a very powerful free-market sphere right on the EU's border.

This has been further facilitated by the fact that culturally and ethnically Subotica is part of Hungary - the vast majority of its inhabitants are Hungarian speaking Roman Catholics with Serbian citizenship, and its Hungarian name is Szabadka. In both languages this means "little Saturday".

Subotnica is also a city with a fascinating history - which still is alive today through buildings of splendid beauty. The city is the Serbian epicenter of the Art Nouveau Style from the beginning of the 20th century - the most spectacular examples of this are the city hall and the synagogue of Subotnica.

But even much more ancient buildings can be found: For instance, the Catholic Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila from 1797 and the Franciscan Monastery from 1723 have pleased many a visitor with their striking beauty. The city is located on a plain and there are many recreational options for travelers.

With its unique cultural mixture, Subotica represents what's best about Serbia and Hungary. In many ways this blend has been productive, for example cultural events are held in Hungarian or Serbian (and nowadays often in English!), so belonging to two European cultures has turned the city into a fascinating real-life experiment.

Visitors especially appreciate the fact that the local restaurants offer dishes from two cuisines - which are both renowned for their spicy flavors.

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