The Vojvodina


The Vojvodina is an autonomous region in the North of Serbia, bordering on Croatia, Hungary, and Romania. Roughly two million people live in an area of over 20 thousand square kilometers - that's roughly two thirds of Belgium's size. Novi Sad is the region's capital and largest city.

The Vojvodina (which simply means voivodship - hence administrative union in a Slavonic country) is truly international: There are more than 26 ethnic groups in the region! Hungarians, the biggest minority, make up about 15 per cent of the population. Further, Slovaks live in the Vojvodina.

These facts have done a lot in facilitating trade with the countries of Hungary and Slovakia, which already have been EU members for some years. Belgrade, the nation's capital, is the economic engine of the region without being part of it: It lies just on its borders. Over all, the trend for the economy of the Vojvodina seems to be pointing up. Its traditional industries, like food and metal, appear to successfully have managed the transition to a free market economy. The service sector is also growing. But since the ground is extremely fertile in the Vojvodina, agriculture is its most important economic branch.

Tourism too is becoming increasingly significant. The Vojvodina is plain and green, and by some accounts it is a part of Hungary's legendary Puszta. The Deliblatska Peščara ("the European Sahara") is a magnet for domestic and international tourists. In this unique landscape, a lot of nature has virtually remained untouched for millennia. The Fruška Gora Mountain is one of the most beautiful sites in Europe - no wonder they call it the "Jewel of Serbia"! There are several famous Orthodox monasteries located on that mountain - which makes for a picturesque combination of culture and landscape.

At this point, it is unknown when the country of Serbia will be joining the European Union.

But inside or outside the EU, the Vojvodina's special geographic position will ensure the region's further economic development to be moving on in the right direction.

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