Inner Carniola

Inner Carniola

Together with Upper and Lower Carniola, Inner Carniola forms the historic region of Carniola which now mostly belongs to the country of Slovenia. Although its ancient name still has great value for its inhabitants, Inner Carniola is not an administrative unit any more.

The region is mostly mountainous - and those mountains largely consist of limestone. They are "karst" - that is that famous Slovenian word for this kind of rock. It looks most spectacular: Mountains and hills of all sizes, with ragged boulders all over them. In fact, when the popular "Winnetou" films were shot there, the world fell in love with these mysterious-looking rocks. This romance is still ongoing

Tourists from all over Europe like to come to Inner Carniola to observe its strange beauty. Some of them even chose to stay - at least temporarily. At the moment, the region has a very vibrant real-estate market.

Postojna, whose population is only around 14 thousand, is Inner Carniola's most well-known town. It was founded in the 13th century and it still has some appealing monuments from various epochs. Its greatest attraction, however, is its cave: In fact, Postojna Cave is a 20 thousand meter long cave system and one of the most remarkable natural labyrinths in the world.

One part of it is used as a concert hall - and it has the most unusual acoustics, creating wonderful, seldom-heard sound effects. For zoologists too the cave is a special place: Olms, which are a blind and bizarrely shaped species of amphibians, live in the cave's wet parts. These endangered animals, who are one of the national symbols of Slovenia, find protection foremost in Postojna Cave.

The economic reforms that the Slovenian government recently installed, have had a good effect on the whole country. In Inner Carniola too, economic indicators show that a lot of growth can be expected in the years to come.

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