Ljubljana is the capital of the country of Slovenia and has a population of almost 300 thousand. The history of this city is rich - even in the Middle Ages it was an important regional trading post. The wealth of Ljubljana's past and present can be seen everywhere around the city - it has an abundance of historic monuments, including a medieval castle, a Baroque cathedral and a picturesque old town. Basically, the state of the historic buildings is good, as there has been a lot of restoration since the fall of communism in 1991. Many spectacular new ones have been added since then, often in strikingly post-modern architecture.

There is still a large stock of socialist-style office and apartment blocks, but mostly they are in an excellent state and meet Western standards.

Ljubljana is blessed with a mild climate, which could well be described as Mediterranean, as the country is located south of the Alps. The magnificent mountains, however, can be seen from the city, thereby creating a breath-taking atmosphere. Ljubljana is Slovenia's biggest city and also its economic and financial capital. Besides the multitude of Slovenian companies, many multi-national ones have their regional headquarters here, which gives the city a remarkably international flair.

The expatriate community is large, and of course this has an effect on the city's pubs and its cultural life. You can always expect to find events in English, like theater performances and concerts. Anyway, English is widely spoken in the Slovenian capital, and most of its citizens also speak German, and many are fluent in Italian.

It is a city easy to enjoy - with so much to discover. Expect restaurants of all classes and ethnic backgrounds and a rich café culture. When going for a stroll in Ljubljana you can really relax: Not only can you enjoy its beautiful scenery, but you can also feel perfectly safe: Ljubljana has the reputation of having one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Property type: house

Added on: 2009/10/07

Seven houses in Brezovica, Ljubljana suburbia - Ljubljana, Slovenia

We sell seven energy-saving houses in Brezovica, Ljubaljan suburbia.
Prefabricated construction with natural materials in the stage of completion (III construction phase).Each of them is 105sqm + 3 parking space + 60sqm green plot. [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: house (for sale)
Price: € 242 000
Size: 105 m²
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Property type: apartment

Added on: 2009/10/02

Most exclusive luxury apartment in Ljubljana center - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Most exclusive luxury apartment in center Ljubljana
www.acestates.eu [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: apartment (for sale)
Price: € 1 700 000
Size: 270 m²
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Property type: house

Added on: 2009/08/27

Villa in Domžale - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Luxury property with pool. [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: house (for sale)
Price: € 900 000
Size: 1500 m²
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

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