Lower Carniola

Lower Carniola

Lower Carniola is the biggest of Slovenia's three different Carniola regions, which all stem from the ancient Duchy of that same name. Most people consider the small district of White Carniola a part of Upper Carniola. It is right on the border to Croatia and especially famous for its wines: For example Modra Frankinja, based on Blaufränkisch variety of grapes that are typical of the region, is popular with wine connoisseurs the world over. Lower Carniola's landscapes are mostly either mountainous, or at least hilly.

Novo Mesto (literally meaning: New Town) is Lower Carniola's biggest and most important city.

With a population of about 40 thousand, it is another wine hot-spot. Its local wine - made from a variety of grapes - is called Cviček, and this is quite a special example of the art of wine making: It has a very high acidity, but, in spite of this, is not very sour; in fact its taste is quite unique. It is grown in the beautiful Krka Valley, in the immediate vicinity of Novo Mesto. Tourists come to this place to find an excellent combination of wine tastings with picturesque scenery.

Before Slovenia became independent in 1991, the slogan "Small is beautiful" was used to promote its breaking-away from Yugoslavia, out of the awareness that Slovenia would indeed be relatively small as an independent country.

In that sentence, there seems to be a lot of truth. As a not very big country, Slovenia seems to be functioning well, and it is especially very well organized. This orderly element has benefited its economy greatly, especially since the coming of the new millennium, when Slovenia enhanced its free market reforms. On Lower Carniola too this has had a very positive effect. So tourism is big in the region, but it is far from the only essential element of its economy. Especially the service sector (and within that most notably IT) has been growing exponentially for about a decade.

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