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This article is really about Lower Styria, a now in-official Slovenian region. The historic Austrian Duchy of Styria (in German: Steiermark) was divided after World War I, as Slovenia gained its independence from Austria. Now Lower Styria is a part of Slovenia, but it shouldn't be confused with Southern Styria, which really belongs to Austria. What further complicates matters is the fact that Lower Styria is no official entity, but merely a historic region, although the name is still alive and even important for the population, as an integral part of their identity. To make matters more clear it might help to mention the Slovenian name: Spodnja Štajerska.

Since Lower Styria is no political unit, it is difficult to obtain exact population figures, but one could say that roughly one third of the inhabitants of Slovenia (two million) call Lower Styria their home, and its size is close to one half of the country - so, yes, that is a significant part!

The region is mostly mountainous (belonging to the Alps), so of course it is an obvious travel destination for domestic and international visitors, especially now with Slovenia having introduced the Euro as its currency. In Lower Styria you can still enjoy the Alps at lower prices than in all the other countries - but with all the benefits.

Real estate is also less expensive - although in terms of beauty, the region does not lag behind any other ones in Europe. There are several famous white wines that are grown in Lower Styria, with the renowned Ljutomer Riesling probably being the most well-known one. The region's cuisine is an intriguing mixture of Central and Eastern European, delicate and hearty - and mostly high in calories, one might add. Healthy it is nevertheless! Of that the people of Lower Styria are convinced.

Maribor is the region's biggest city, Celje is another major town and has a beautiful old town.

Needless to say, tourism is of major importance for the region - but is is far from being the only sector. It is a fascinating story how Slovenia so quickly shook off communism and its unprofitable economic system and, despite being small, became one of the hot spots of the European New Economy.

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Styria, Slovenia

Property type: land

Added on: 2009/07/08

Development Land in Ptuj - Styria, Slovenia

Major building plot of land in the size of 7.960 m┬▓, is intended for construction of row houses or individual houses, is situated near the center of the town of Ptuj. Because of its shape, the land is suitable mainly for the construction of row houses, as it allows the construction of the lines. The land is suitable for immediate construction, since it can be built under the SEN-u ... [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: land (for sale)
Price: € 294 594
Size: 7960 m²
Location: Styria, Slovenia
Property type: villa

Added on: 2009/07/08

Luxury Villa near Ptuj and Rogaska Slatina - Styria, Slovenia

Beautiful villa is located in the untouched nature, but still not far away from the golf courses in Ptuj, Ptuj, Zagreb airport and ski resorts in Pohorje in Maribor. Villa has a total area the size of approximately 10,000 m2 wich has the galvanized fence in height of two meters all around. [ read more » ]

Category: residential
Type: villa (for sale)
Price: € 1 300 000
Size: 466 m²
Location: Styria, Slovenia

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