Although a city with a population of almost four million people can by no-one be considered small, it is true that Ankara is much smaller in size than Istanbul. Many people don't know that in fact Ankara is the modern-day capital of Turkey - and not Istanbul. But Istanbul is such an impressive mega-city of the past, the present, and, probably, the future that sometimes they don't bother with Ankara - but that is, of course, a mistake.

In fact, Ankara is capable of competing with Istanbul in many ways. First of all, it is Ankara where Turkey's political power lies - and this is a factor that must not be under-estimated.

Ankara is the city of politics - and this alone guarantees a lively intellectual culture - and an international atmosphere as well. But another thing is also true: Ankara is at least as historic as Istanbul. Over the course of the last two and a half millennia, it has belonged to many empires, including Greece, Rome and Byzantine. Therefor, one would expect an abundance of monument - and in doing so one will not be disappointed. Ankara offers buildings from all ages. For example, there is a Roman amphitheatre, or the impressive Column of Julianus, erected in 362. Further, there are many Islamic monuments, like the Alaaddin Mosque from the 12th century.
If Ankara were a part of Europe (which is is not, being located in the Asian part of Turkey), it would be one of the continent's top capital cities.

Not everybody knows that within the last decade Turkey has become an economic power house both for Europe and for the Middle East - but when you come to Ankara, you will certainly believe it. The truth of the matter is that Ankara is not only an important ancient site still existent today, but also a shining business center. Turkey's versatility is huge at the moment - and one witness of this are Ankara's flashy business districts, both modern and post-modern in appearance.

Ankara's subway system, by the way, is fully automated. This is just one example of how the Turkey of today has turned into a trendsetter for the world.

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Ankara, Turkey

Property type: apartment

Added on: 2010/12/15

Fully Furnished 3 Bedrooms Apartment for rent - Ankara, Turkey

Fully Equipped Kitchen - 3 Bedrooms Flat for Rent
Address: Ankara - Cankaya - Hilal mahallesi
Monthly rental: €1100
Daily rental: €110
Utilities are Extra [ read more » ]

Category: holiday accommodation
Type: apartment (for rent)
Price: € 1 100
Size: 125 m²
Location: Ankara, Turkey

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